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APPLE-Pyrus Malus, Malus Sylvestris, Malus Pumila, Malus Baccata, Malus Sieboldii, etc

Parts Used:  the fruit

Meridians/Organs affected:  digestive, skin, brain, pancreas, cardiovascular, circulatory, respiratory, ocular

Properties:  digestive, laxative, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, demulcent, anti-asthmatic, nutritive, astringent, tonic, culinary

Apples are a member of the Rose family.  There are several thousand varieties of apples (currently about 7000), some ornamental, some hybridized, and some wild.  Apple trees range from 15-40 feet in height.  They are beautiful trees in bloom with fragrant white or pink blossoms with five petals.  The fruits appear in the fall months and can be yellow, red or green when fully mature.

Apples originated in Europe and Asia and didn't make it to the States until about a decade after the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.  John Chapman (known as Johnny Appleseed) traveled over 100,000 miles planting seeds.  Due to his love of apples we now have them growing wild in every state in the union.  Apples have been associated with many things-Eve was tempted by an apple (so we read) and Snow White was killed by one.  In Norse mythology apples are believed to improve one's personality and help them live longer and stay young.

There is something to the 'live longer and stay young' part.  The old saying goes, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."  Have you ever wondered why someone would say that?  Apples are packed with polyphenols (antioxidants) such as quercitin, kaempferol, myricetin, epicatechin and chlorogenic acid.  Quercitin protects the brain from degeneration (according to studies done on rats) but the skin of the apple must be eaten to be of benefit.  In fact, the content of antioxidants is found in much higher amounts in the skin than in the pulp.  This array of polyphenols has been found to protect the body from UV-B radiation.  They help to decrease oxidation of cell membrane fats which basically means it protects your heart by lowering the risk of arterial plaqueing and decay.  They have been found to lower the risk of asthma in studies as well as lowering the risk of lung cancers.  Part of the cardiovascular benefits of consuming apples is their fiber content.  Studies have found that regular intake of apples also lowered cholesterol and triglycerides.  The quercitin content of apples also acts as an anti-inflammatory, thus aiding with a number of conditions including arthritis and rheumatism.

Recent studies have shown apples help regulate blood sugar levels.  One group of scientists found that women who ate one apple a day had a 28% less risk of getting diabetes.  The polyphenols inhibit certain enzymes from breaking carbohydrates down into simple sugars, thus putting less sugar into the bloodstream.

Apples not only protect against lung cancer they also protect the body against breast and colon cancer.  The fiber in apples ferments in the colon.  This fermentation process produces chemicals that fight the formation of cancer cells.  These procyanidins trigger a series of cell signals within the body that result in cancer cell death.  

Apples have been found to be beneficial to gum health.  Biting an apple stimulates the gums, increases the flow of saliva and helps reduce tooth decay by reducing bacteria in the mouth.

In a food database analysis it was stated that people who consume apples every day are 37% less likely to have high blood pressure.  (So why don't they just prescribe apples for those people...more doctors need nutritional education).

Studies conducted in Brazil and in Washington state have shown that people who eat apples a few times a day were more likely to lose weight.  As apples are full of water and fiber, they fill the stomach and make you want less food.

Preliminary studies have also found that apples may help with neurological and neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer's.  These studies have also shown apples to be of some benefit for macular degeneration.

Crab Apple Essence is part of the Bach Flower remedies.  It is for people who feel poisoned or impure either physically or spiritually.  It is used as a basic treatment for the compulsive obsession with cleanliness, character, morality, internal or external toxic damage, chronic illness, and skin conditions.  These types are obsessed with filth and cannot let go; they are 'clean freaks' and are perfect candidates for Crab Apple Essence.

One a side note, apple pectin is also an amazing heavy metal detoxifier.  The ions in the pectin attract all sorts of toxins including arsenic and lead and flush them from the system. Indeed it seems an apple a day could keep the doctor away or at least at bay.  Include them more often in your diet, it certainly can't hurt.

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